Take Control of Your Reputation Management

Reputation Management

“How you doin” the line used by Joey (Matt LeBlanc) on the popular 90’s T.V. show Friends when trying to make an impression, comes to mind when discussing how I can help a business take control of their reputation management.

I’m sure you know that this worldwide pandemic has affected businesses across the board. This applies to ALL niches and business models.

However, during this downtime that 90%+ of businesses are experiencing… there is still one VERY much needed service because you want to be ready once things return fully back to normal in this new year. There are two critical questions you need to answer now that more of your customers have moved online.

Do your customers use social media?

Do you know what your customers are saying about your business?

Reputation Management

When customers are looking for your product or service, where do you think they look for answers to their questions? Customers want to know if your company is reputable and will stand behind their purchase. Where do these customers find this information? From your website? Not likely. It’s a well-known fact that EVERYONE searches up a business on Google before committing to doing anything with them. Customers are more likely to search for social proof of a product or service online, through social media or forums. These customers will make their buying decision based on your company’s reputation and product reviews. If there are bad reviews, most people move on to your competitor with better reviews.

One thing ALL businesses fear is negative Online Reviews of their business or pesky negative reviews that have already been left and unfortunately, your business may still be dealing with the blowback from it.

What exactly is this High Demand service I speak of?

Two Words: Reputation Management!

A ‘Positive’ Online Reputation is Life or Death for any business that wishes to succeed.

BUT… there are major companies out there that charge businesses a ‘minimum’ of $3k dollars per reputation management task, and some even charge as high as Ten Thousand Dollars!!

Yet some businesses will ‘HAPPILY’ PAY service fees that high, just so they can move past any negative reviews that affect their business on a daily basis.

Maybe you have experienced the scorn of a negative review and the backlash that it can create. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can do one of two things.

Hope that all your customers reach out to you with their grievances.

Use RepWarn reputation management software to alert you to the good, bad, and downright ugly being posted about your company.

We all know that when a customer is dissatisfied, they go to social media and air their grievance with their friends, then, go to forums to share their dislike with other members of the public.

“80% of consumers change their mind about buying after seeing negative info online”.

-Cone Trend Tracker Study

Track what people say about your business online and stop losing customers as soon as today!

Don’t let bad reviews go unanswered! Check out RepWarn today!

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